June Celebrations – The Kingston Barnes team have finished June 2018 on a high!

Congratulations to the whole team; with a special shout out to our stand out members who are celebrating various personal goals.

From left to right:

Frank Parker and Becca Elliott celebrate their 1st placements! Both Frank and Becca joined the Engineering team in April and two months in have successfully placed new candidates into exciting positions. They have both made a very promising start and we are looking forward to seeing big things to come from both of them!

Justin Reynolds, who heads up our Engineering Team is celebrating his 2-year anniversary with us! Within two years at Kingston Barnes, he has not only started a new division from scratch but he has grown it to be the successful team of 6 that it is today! Amazing work Justin, we are proud to have you onboard!

Sam Hewitt is our latest junior member of staff to be promoted from Resourcer to Senior Resourcer – congratulations!! We believe that it is important to promote from within; what better way to be at the top of your game than by working your way up through each level to get there. Sam has shown fantastic initiative and has proven himself as a vital member of the Construction team.

Sam Coggins, one of our Senior Consultants within freelance construction is celebrating his 1st year anniversary with us! Sam joined us last year to work in our white collar freelance team, helping find long term contract positions for Site Manager’s, Engineers and QS’s. Sam has really enjoyed the new area and is looking forward to the busy holiday period ahead.

It is so important to celebrate milestones and successes so well done to all – enjoy your champers!!

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Throw Enough Mud At The Wall And Hope Some Will Stick – Why Job Sites Don’t Work

Throw Enough Mud At The Wall And Hope Some Will Stick – Why Job Sites Don’t Work – British businesses are costing themselves time and money with unfocused online recruitment. Here’s how to make your next recruitment drive smarter, not harder.

There is a common misconception that a job ad has to reach the widest possible audience in order for a recruitment process to be effective. You could look on this as leaving no stone unturned, or as flinging mud at a blanket and seeing what sticks. Either way, busy human resources teams only cause themselves unnecessary work by relying on job sites.

It’s a bit like asking the Facebook hivemind a technical question and hoping that someone knows the answer. They might get it right, but you’ll have to sort through a lot of replies and spend time working out who’s on point when you could have just asked an expert in the first place.


Quality Not Quantity

A lot of job seekers throw their CV at a great salary even though they’re unqualified or inexperienced, thinking they have nothing to lose – and maybe they’re right. But any hiring manager has both time and productivity to lose as they’re distracted from focusing on new talent by having to weed out the timewasters.

Opening up your vacancy to the broadest audience seems like a smart move, but you’re also inviting applications from the lowest common denominator – sometimes even lower!



Imagine All The People

UK vacancies attract 250 applications on average, according to workplace reviews site, Glassdoor. Instead of overloading your inbox, consult an expert recruitment firm that specialises both in your industry and your territory. With proven professionals on our books and a track record in successfully matching the right candidate with the right role, we can not only save you time and effort, but we will also improve the quality of the applications you receive.

The team at Kingston Barnes has a combined track record of more than a century not only in recruitment, but also in the construction and engineering sector. With all that experience behind us, we like to think that our approach to our clients’ recruitment needs is just that little bit better than the competition. Although to be fair, we have been told more than once that it’s a lot better…

With our expert insight and proven techniques, we can identify talent that might otherwise go unnoticed. While job ads may reach those actively seeking a new position at the exact same time your business has identified a need, our pro-active strategies give you access to a far greater pool of talent that matches your recruitment criteria. Whether it’s through exacting competitor analysis, highly targeted headhunting or extensive networking, our discreet services will put you in first place in the race to attract the finest talent when it matters most to the future of your business.



Attention To Retention

Replacing an employee in the UK costs an average of £30,000 according to a report from ACAS, so every HR professional wants to keep churn to a minimum. But businesses are built on targets and HR is no different, often evaluated on the number of positions filled and the time taken, usually with little attention to retention.

If you want to shovel in staff to plug a gap and hit basic targets, then an avalanche of applications from job sites might be what you’re after. But if your business is forward-thinking, with an eye on its future and profitability over time, then you need to ensure that new hires not only possess the desired skills, but are also a good culture fit. That’s why the smartest recruitment professionals are reducing staff turnover by working with a trusted partner that understands your needs and how to meet them.



All Talent, No Timewasters

By the time a CV lands in your inbox from Kingston Barnes, every candidate has already demonstrated their proficiency, talent and experience to us.

Between our team’s decades of experience in the industry and the relationships that we take the time to build with all our clients, we’re confident that we know what – or more importantly, who – you’re looking for. Our clients have told us time and again that we just seem to ‘get’ what they want and deliver first time, every time.


If you want to find out more about how Kingston Barnes can help your company attract and retain the best talent the industry has to offer in the South West, talk to us today on 0117 3252233 or email office@kingstonbarnes.com

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TRIPLE CELEBRATIONS IN THE BRISTOL OFFICE! With anniversaries for Charles and Dan to celebrate and Ruby’s first placement in her new role this week has been a particularly exciting one! 

CHARLES ORR – Charles is celebrating an amazing second year with us at Kingston Barnes! He has achieved so much since joining us in November 2015 from setting up our now established consultancy division, achieving promotion twice and bringing on a wealth of new clients and candidates. Charles is an integral part of the permanent team, he is an inspiring Senior Consultant not only with his business and customer service but also the help and advice he offers to his peers. What an amazing year it has been for Charles!!


DAN PEACE – Dan is celebrating his 1st year anniversary with Kingston Barnes. He joined the Engineering team just 4 months after it launched. Head of Engineering Justin Reynolds said “Dan was the first hire I made at Kingston Barnes within the Engineering and Manufacturing Team and he has had a fantastic first year. He has rapidly become an important part of our success this year and has really bought into the culture we are trying to achieve within the team. He has already been promoted from Resourcer to Senior Resourcer this year and I can only see his career going from strength to strength within Kingston Barnes.”


RUBY POMPHREY – Ruby has recently took the brave but mature decision to take her career in her own hands, transferring over to Engineering from the Trades division, and has started extremely well. She has picked up the industry quickly, worked hard to understand the different disciplines we recruit for and managed to place her first two permanent candidates in her first month. Ruby has a lot of potential, well thought of in the business and I can see 2018 being an exciting year for her. Congratulations!



If you think you have what it takes to join our first class team then please contact us.

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Choosing The Best Option – Which Job Offer Is Right For You?

Choosing The Best Option – Which Job Offer Is Right For You?

If you have two or more job offers on the table, which should you choose? It’s not a decision to take lightly, but we can help you make the right choice by asking a few simple questions.

Congratulations! You’re in the rarified position of being able to choose between job offers; many candidates would be envious!

Surprisingly, this situation can be more stressful than being successful in applying for one job. How do you know which is the right option for you – today and tomorrow? Here, we’ll look at a range of things to consider when weighing up your options.

Is A Bird In The Hand Really Worth Two In The Bush?

It’s tempting to just look at the bottom line and plump for the biggest number on offer. Nobody would blame you for having dreams of a flashier car or fancy holiday right now, but your career won’t end in a year, so think about which offer will put you in the best position over time.

The next 12 months may seem most important because they’re just around the corner, but the next 12 years will have a bigger impact on your life.


What Matters Most To you?

Total up which position comes with the most comprehensive benefits such as holiday allowance, flexible working, pension, medical cover, shares and more. Only you can decide which is most important to you, but if you value paid leave to spend with family or you need an expensive plan of dental treatment, then those should carry a premium in your decision making process.

What Difference Could Training Make To Your Career?

Of course you’re good at your job – or you wouldn’t have a choice of firms – but how much more employable could one of the jobs make you in the future? Where do you see both yourself and your sector developing over time? Where one role may concentrate on your abilities today, another may capitalise on your potential over time by investing in your future.

Of course, the ideal is that you’ll repay the company’s investment in your development with loyalty, but if you decide to look elsewhere for some reason, then this could make the difference between making small steps or massive leaps forwards for your career.

Are You Planning For Promotion?

You’ve only just landed this job, so don’t get ahead of yourself, but you also shouldn’t discount the potential for promotion when weighing up your options. A fat paycheque today may be tempting, but it’s never going to grow if there’s nowhere for you to go within the organisation.

On the other hand, if you can see a clear path for promotion, then taking a slightly lower remuneration today could see you pocket more tomorrow.


What’s In A Name?

Don’t underestimate the prestige that an established brand can play in building your reputation within the industry. Rightly or wrongly, there are some names that carry weight in the job marketplace and just plain make you more employable if your appointment would carry cache for a future employer based on your present one.

Big Fish, Little Pond?

That said, it’s easier to carry influence with a less established player and if you can demonstrate the input you’ve had on a smaller company’s success, then any prospective employer is going to sit up and take notice.

Need Help?

Choosing between prospective employers can be a daunting prospect, but you’re not alone. Talking to industry professionals like Kingston Barnes, who pride themselves on matching the right candidate to the right role every time, is like having an expert coach in your corner.

Because we take the time to find out what every candidate really wants, we can help you weigh up your options to make the smartest move for your career. Call us today on 0117 325 2233 or email office@kingstonbarnes.com to find out how we can help you make the most of your career.

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