Every business tries to reduce spend to increase profitability. But there are some corners you should never cut – and recruitment is one of them.


Time Is Money – Don’t Waste It!

Many hiring managers just don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of applications and piles of CVs for every single position available. While the right candidate may well be in there somewhere, you can guarantee that a large proportion of entries are from hopefuls who aren’t qualified, experienced or suitable for the role.

Instead of the inevitable and interminable CV sift, a recruitment agency will present you with a pre-screened shortlist of suitable applicants for you to focus on. This frees up your time not only to give those CVs the attention they merit, but also to get on with the rest of your job.



How Much Is Too Much – Or Not Enough?

You doubtless have a budget for the role, but do you know how that compares with the competition? How do you work out what the going rate is for the role? You could look at current job ads for guideline figures, but they can’t tell you the actual salaries that are being offered and accepted after interview. You can’t exactly ask your competitors what they pay their team…

Nobody wants to overpay – especially in today’s market – but don’t underestimate the damage you could do to the future of your business by trying to pay as little as you can get away with to fill the role. You know the old saying, ‘Pay peanuts, get monkeys?’ It’s a cliché because it’s true…

Recruitment agencies have access to the information you need, because they spend all day, every day placing people with multiple companies and as a result, they know how much is being paid by whom and for what. Working with a recruiter – and their hard data of the marketplace – takes all the guesswork out of the equation.



Positive Branding

It’s easy to think you don’t need to market your company to candidates – if they want a job, they should be grateful for the chance to work for you – but it isn’t that straightforward. Believe it or not, candidates may not be aware of your firm and if they are, they may have misconceptions of the brand, or remember previous problems that have since been addressed.

The right recruitment agency will give candidates real insight into your business, what it stands for, how it works and where it’s going. That’s just one reason why we like to work closely with our clients; so we understand their core values and what they’re looking for in new hires to help grow the business.

Of course, any company will portray themselves as being good employers to applicants and candidates may find it hard to ask direct questions in an interview that may perceived as difficult. Candidates trust that a good recruiter will accurately portray possible workplaces and they value the opportunity to ask searching questions that may not be acceptable at interview. Recruiters can sell the role to the right person for the job, who might otherwise look elsewhere.



Short-Term Need, Long-Term Gains

With experienced professionals in short supply for this fast moving industry, many companies find it hard to identify, attract and employ the right recruits when they need to. This applies to permanent positions, but it’s especially true for short-term contracts.

Take control of the situation by talking to the people who have an extensive contacts database of experienced skilled professionals who specialise in short-term engagements. A professional recruiter will not only be able to identify individuals that match the needs of your business, but they’ll also have a good idea of who’s available in the timeframe you need. Having access to this kind of resource could keep your project on target.


Access Our Pool Of Talent

Many of the candidates we work with simply don’t check job ads. Many of our contract specialists rely on us to identify potential roles for them and point them in the right direction.

Because we’re industry specialists, we understand the value these people bring to the role, which is why we’re proud to represent them on the job market. Securing our services grants you instant access to this pool of talent that would otherwise be off the table. You might find another candidate who is their equal, but would you find them in the same timescale?

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How Can We Help?

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