Why choose Construction Freelance As A Career Choice

Does the thought of years slaving away for the same company fill you with dread? Sounds like you’d enjoy the freedom and flexibility of life as a freelancer.  All that some people want from their career is the steady income that comes with regular employment. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But the stability of a permanent position isn’t for everyone. Other people are driven to explore new adventures, constantly looking for the next challenge and the chance for continued professional growth that only freelance can offer.


Freedom In Practice

Andy McKim has been a Site Manager since 1988 and has worked for a huge range of clients that include Civica, Tesco, Bath University, Bath & North East Somerset Council and NATO. His work has taken him from Bath and Bristol to Fulham, Cheltenham and Chelsea and back again.

Now he works as a freelance site manager, so what’s the appeal of freelance life? As Andy puts it, he values the, “Sense of freedom associated with being freelance”. He goes on to observe that, “In good times, freelancing can offer more choice, better rewards and flexibility, free from the constraints of being directly employed”.


Freedom Comes At A Cost

But surely freelance work can’t be all good news, or everyone would be doing it? As Andy says, “In less certain times, the trade off can be job security”. So what does he put his success down to? “Applying creative thought to solving the construction problems; thinking outside the box!” Maybe that quick thinking is typical of fans of ultra-fast motorcycles like Andy, but the rest of us might need a little more help navigating the quick turns of the job market.


How To Make Freelance Work For You

Only you can decide if freelance is the right approach for you. But there are things you can do to make that life more profitable – and one of those is speaking to a construction recruitment specialist like Kingston Barnes.

It was only a couple of weeks between Andy speaking to Kingston Barnes and starting his first work through them. And he’s been working steadily for the 18 months since. Andy enjoys the friendly relationship he’s built up with Kingston Barnes’ Freelance team, but he most values the professional way that the construction recruitment specialist handles his career. As Andy says, “Kingston Barnes has placed me on a number of good local projects with high-ranking, regional players, keeping me continually employed. I’ve been very impressed with their integrity.”


Why DIY When You Can Have It Done For You?

Many construction professionals excel in their work, but no amount of qualifications or time under your belt can prepare you for the ravages of the job market. Even if you have an impressive pedigree of academic achievements and industry experience, do you have the time or wherewithal to keep pitching for work? And even if you do, do you know who to talk to make the most of your potential?

You could spend hours tracking down that next job, or you could have an industry specialist do the leg work for you, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best; your job. Don’t lose your momentum; let the professionals at Kingston Barnes line the work up for you so your time is spend growing your career and furthering your earning potential. As Andy puts it,  “If you’re looking for a construction management role, then I definitely recommend you give Kingston Barnes a call.”


If you want to find out more about how you could enjoy the benefits of a freelance career in construction, call Kingston Barnes today on 0117 325 2233, or email office@kingstonbarnes.com