Just finding the right job is the next rung on your career ladder. Here’s how you can get ahead of the rest – and how we can help you get there.

 Run Your Flag Up The Pole

You could be the greatest guitarist since Jimi Hedrix, but nobody would know if you only play in your bedroom. If you have a talent, make sure that people know about it. Make sure your online profiles such as LinkedIn are up to date and that your social presence on sites like Facebook reflects what you’re capable of.

Get your CV into the hands of people who will do their utmost to promote you for jobs they really believe you will excel at. Your loudest champion could also be someone whose opinion is sought by industry employers – and not just your mum. You need a recruiter in your corner.



News spreads fastest by word of mouth – and that’s certainly true of upcoming positions vacant. So open up both your real-world and online social circles to include crucial contacts that might be able to give you the heads-up when your dream job comes up.

You should be talking to friends, family and industry contacts about what you want and why you’d be good for it. After all, you never know who knows who…

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Don’t Throw Muck At A Wall

Posting online CVs seems like an easy way to reach prospective employers, but like most things in life – if it’s easy, it isn’t effective. Blanket coverage of your skills and experience online might be accurate, but it doesn’t exactly sell you at your best.

Sure, you can hope something will stick, but this is a risky strategy that could backfire. Most of us have many strands to our professional experience, but there are a lot of people competing for every role, so you need to be seen as the best fit for every job you apply for. A cookie-cutter approach just marks you out as someone lacking focus.



Can’t See The Wood For The Trees?

So if you can’t just post your CV online and hope to be discovered amongst the sea of me-toos, what can you do? There are so many places to look for vacancies in 2017 that you would be forgiven for not knowing where to turn.

Like an explorer in the jungle, you need a guide who knows the terrain. Someone who can show you the shortcuts, steer you around the pitfalls and make sure that you end up at your destination every time. In other words, you should talk to a professional industry specialist recruitment agency like Kingston Barnes.



Be Available

By which, we don’t mean that you need to start work in your new role tomorrow! If you’ve reached out to anyone regarding a job, be ready to respond. That means checking your emails at least daily and if you’re not free to take calls, make sure you have a professional sounding voicemail message. Don’t have voicemail? Get it.


Get The Jump On The Competition

Believe it or not, there is a way you can make it onto the interview shortlist before a vacancy has even been advertised. When your dream employer starts looking for their ideal candidate, who do you think they turn to? Recruitment agencies. That’s because they know the local talent and can pinpoint individuals that would be ideal for every role.

Talking to an industry specialist recruiter such as Kingston Barnes will not only help you to focus your job search with laser precision, but it could also gain your entry onto the VIP list, meaning you jump straight to the head of the queue.



When The End Is The Beginning

Your job search might not start with Kingston Barnes, but we like to think it will end with us. We have a proven track record of matching the right person to the right role, so why not find out how we can help you? Talk to us today on 0117 325 2233 or email us at office@kingstonbarnes.com

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