The Most Important Partnership For Your Career – A few simple things you can do to make sure your recruitment agency is working to the maximum at every stage of your next job search.

You could just sign up with a recruitment agency and expect them to deliver your dream job to the doorstep, but don’t be surprised if the results are less than you’d hoped for…

The most successful candidates work in partnership with their agency every step of the way – from deciding if now’s the time to make a move to fielding offers and negotiations.

Let’s look at a few easy ways throughout the job seeking process that will help you to help us to help you – this is your career, after all!


Honesty Is A Virtue

Be honest – both with us and with yourself! You may dream of being a company director, but if you lack the chops to make the cut, then you’re doing no one any favours by pretending otherwise.

Honesty about your previous form is essential, but it’s also important to be clear about what you hope for and expect from both your next position in the short term and your career overall in the long term. That’s the only way to narrow your search to suitable roles and help us to identify great opportunities that will make the most of your potential.

It’s OK if you’re unsure – talk to us about where you’ve been and where you see yourself going and we’ll be happy to explore the options that will help you get there. That could be as simple as a new job, or identifying relevant qualifications and even looking at a two-stage approach from contract work to a permanent position. This is what we do all day, every day, so we’ll know if there’s a strategy to suit your goals.


Ready Resume

Make sure your CV is up to date and good to go when you first get in touch. We may suggest ways to improve it before putting you forwards for a role, but it shows you’re serious about your job search and brings your backstory to life from day one.



Stay On The Radar

The right role might not be available right away, but we’ll keep looking for you until we find it. In the meantime, check in periodically for updates because this can kickstart a conversation that leads to unexpected results. The job market is a rapidly evolving space and being in the right place at the right time is half the battle.

Staying in touch also reminds us that you’re serious about your search and gives us a kick up the seat of the pants to get out there again and track down the right role for you. Of course we’re always thinking of you once you’re on our books, but it can’t hurt to give us a nudge – we’re only human. Brilliant at finding the right role for the right candidate, but only human nevertheless.

And as humans, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with both candidates and clients over time, because people are at the heart of everything we do. And that’s why our conversations shouldn’t end with your next role – or the one after…


Time Is Of The Essence

Pick up when we call – or at least send us an email back when you can – to show that your job search is still a priority. Some positions need to be filled fast and you might miss out by waiting for free time at the weekend.



Interview Jitters?

Ask us for tips – or even a trial run. We’ve had the chance over time to get to know you in a more relaxed way, so we understand how your experience matches the position – and we can help you communicate that to an interviewer.

Stay in touch before the interview and let us know how you got on afterwards. Unlike many agencies, this is not about us finding out whether we’re going to earn commission; there’s one more card to play in this hand yet…

We’ll talk to the hirer after you’ve left the building, so give us a steer on what went well that we can remind them about after a long day of interviews – or even what could have gone better, so that we can set the record straight on your behalf. That extra attention to detail is the Kingston Barnes difference.


Field Of Dreams

Our favourite conversations are when we get to tell our candidates that they’ve been successful and there’s a job offer on the table. But even that’s not the end of the story; ask us if you have any unanswered questions or you’d like to negotiate further. We can help you to field offers effectively, so make the most of the advantage our expertise gives you at every stage of your job search.


Want To Know More?

We’re always looking for great candidates, so give us a call today on 0117 325 2233 or email and we’d be happy to explore your career options with you and put our heads together to come up with your next role. You never know – your dream job could be just one call away…

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