At the end summer of 2019 Kingston Barnes announced that we had completed our target to raise £15,000, for our chosen charity ‘Above and Beyond’. In little over a year we raised the funds to purchase an incubator for St Michael’s Hospital. Providing 24-hour lifesaving continuous care for new born babies. It was with great pleasure that we visited St Michaels hospital on 18th February to see the brand-new incubator in all its glory in the neo-natal unit. The incubator features a heated lid, weighing scales, an x-ray machine, family friendly baby data screen, colour changing downlights and the ability to significantly lower its height so that mothers in wheelchairs and siblings can see their new baby. It was such a heart-warming experience to visit the incubator and we are so proud to be a part of saving precious little lives.

Our team came up with all sorts of ideas and challenges to inspire the donations such as a charity golf day, a 78,000-metre rowing challenge (the length of the English Channel), Tough Mudder, two charity football tournaments, and a 24-hour Relay Challenge around Queens Square.


The incubator in action featuring the family friendly screen.

“We are absolutely thrilled we have managed to raise £15,000 to purchase the much-needed state-of-the-art incubator for St Michael’s. This has been a charity challenge very close to our hearts as many of our staff and family have had their children in the hospital and we have seen first-hand how vital an incubator can be in the life of premature babies and how much support it can bring to a family. It is such a huge achievement for us and the whole team have got involved to raise the total amount needed. We’ve really enjoyed the process and had some fun too. We’d like to thank everyone who supported us along the way and we look forward to the next challenge.”                      James Kingston