Some of the industry professionals we place are looking for temporary work to pay the bills, while others prioritise career progression over time. And we put every bit of our professionalism and extensive network of contacts to work for all of our candidates, whatever you’re looking for.

Our team has more than a century’s experience not only as recruitment specialists, but also in the construction and engineering sector. That highly targeted expertise and proven track record means that we can help our candidates truly make the most of their career potential.

The Inside Track

Not every company advertises every position they need to fill. But they do talk to us about their business needs because they know us – and they trust us. Every member of our team has spent years building relationships with the region’s employers, which is why we’re the first number on speed dial when they need to find the right person for the job.

The team at Kingston Barnes has deep roots in the market, giving us access to key contacts that just wouldn’t be available to you as a candidate otherwise. That means we can open doors that may otherwise remain closed to you.


Safety First

We know that many candidates are concerned that they may put their present employment at risk by starting a job search. But you don’t need to worry with us on the case. We know that it’s a small world out there and we take your privacy seriously, so every conversation you have with us is completely confidential. Kingston Barnes won’t share your information with third parties unless we have your permission to do so. Your present employer will not find out about your job search because of us.

But we can sound out potential places for your unique combination of skills and experience without them having the slightest clue of who we might be lining up for them. If you have a shortlist of perfect placements, we’re free to talk to your ideal employer with zero risk to your present position.


The Complete Package

Kingston Barnes offers our candidates the complete package, from helping you work out what you want from your next role and creating a compelling CV to identifying your dream job, planning for a successful interview and negotiating the best package. We will be by your side every step of the way.


For a confidential, no obligation take on your career prospects and how we can help you make the most of the current job market in construction and engineering in the South West, give us a call today on 0117 325 2233 or email

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Throw Enough Mud At The Wall And Hope Some Will Stick – Why Job Sites Don’t Work

Throw Enough Mud At The Wall And Hope Some Will Stick – Why Job Sites Don’t Work – British businesses are costing themselves time and money with unfocused online recruitment. Here’s how to make your next recruitment drive smarter, not harder.

There is a common misconception that a job ad has to reach the widest possible audience in order for a recruitment process to be effective. You could look on this as leaving no stone unturned, or as flinging mud at a blanket and seeing what sticks. Either way, busy human resources teams only cause themselves unnecessary work by relying on job sites.

It’s a bit like asking the Facebook hivemind a technical question and hoping that someone knows the answer. They might get it right, but you’ll have to sort through a lot of replies and spend time working out who’s on point when you could have just asked an expert in the first place.


Quality Not Quantity

A lot of job seekers throw their CV at a great salary even though they’re unqualified or inexperienced, thinking they have nothing to lose – and maybe they’re right. But any hiring manager has both time and productivity to lose as they’re distracted from focusing on new talent by having to weed out the timewasters.

Opening up your vacancy to the broadest audience seems like a smart move, but you’re also inviting applications from the lowest common denominator – sometimes even lower!



Imagine All The People

UK vacancies attract 250 applications on average, according to workplace reviews site, Glassdoor. Instead of overloading your inbox, consult an expert recruitment firm that specialises both in your industry and your territory. With proven professionals on our books and a track record in successfully matching the right candidate with the right role, we can not only save you time and effort, but we will also improve the quality of the applications you receive.

The team at Kingston Barnes has a combined track record of more than a century not only in recruitment, but also in the construction and engineering sector. With all that experience behind us, we like to think that our approach to our clients’ recruitment needs is just that little bit better than the competition. Although to be fair, we have been told more than once that it’s a lot better…

With our expert insight and proven techniques, we can identify talent that might otherwise go unnoticed. While job ads may reach those actively seeking a new position at the exact same time your business has identified a need, our pro-active strategies give you access to a far greater pool of talent that matches your recruitment criteria. Whether it’s through exacting competitor analysis, highly targeted headhunting or extensive networking, our discreet services will put you in first place in the race to attract the finest talent when it matters most to the future of your business.



Attention To Retention

Replacing an employee in the UK costs an average of £30,000 according to a report from ACAS, so every HR professional wants to keep churn to a minimum. But businesses are built on targets and HR is no different, often evaluated on the number of positions filled and the time taken, usually with little attention to retention.

If you want to shovel in staff to plug a gap and hit basic targets, then an avalanche of applications from job sites might be what you’re after. But if your business is forward-thinking, with an eye on its future and profitability over time, then you need to ensure that new hires not only possess the desired skills, but are also a good culture fit. That’s why the smartest recruitment professionals are reducing staff turnover by working with a trusted partner that understands your needs and how to meet them.



All Talent, No Timewasters

By the time a CV lands in your inbox from Kingston Barnes, every candidate has already demonstrated their proficiency, talent and experience to us.

Between our team’s decades of experience in the industry and the relationships that we take the time to build with all our clients, we’re confident that we know what – or more importantly, who – you’re looking for. Our clients have told us time and again that we just seem to ‘get’ what they want and deliver first time, every time.


If you want to find out more about how Kingston Barnes can help your company attract and retain the best talent the industry has to offer in the South West, talk to us today on 0117 3252233 or email

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KINGSTON BARNES TEAM BUILD. Following on from a successful 2017 Kingston Barnes took part in a new team building experience. Despite the cold and dreary August afternoon we took to the Bristol docks to race and play a variety of games in Catamaran canoes.

It was a miracle that we all managed to stay in the boats. A big thank you to the Adventurous Activity Company for looking after us. The Adventurous Activity Company offers an extensive range of fun and exciting outdoor pursuits and intriguing team activities from our Bristol Harbourside base. Within walking distance of the city centre their activities are designed to be all inclusive with something for everyone. It is definitely something that we would all recommend.

At Kingston Barnes we believe that team building activities are extremely important. They improve employee relationships and give us all a better understanding into each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. If you can achieve all of this whilst having fun then its a win win!


Canoeing 1 Canoeing 3

Kingston Barnes Team Build – Catamaran canoeing

Followed by a well-earned dinner at the Pump House; which provided exquisite food and quality beverages, in fabulous surroundings. It was a fantastic day.

Pump House

Kingston Barnes Team Build Meal – Pump House

If you would like to be part of a company that rewards hard work with fun activities throughout the year then please get in touch.


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How To Stop Putting The Brakes On Your Career

How To Stop Putting The Brakes On Your Career. We look at why some candidates don’t make the most of their careers – and how they can boost their earning potential and job satisfaction.

Taking the next step on your career ladder can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, if you’ll pardon the mixed metaphor. From the despair of finding the right role and self-doubt on application to the agonising wait to hear if you’ve been deemed acceptable, it’s easy to imagine that you’ll only get your hopes up, only to have them dashed.

Far from setting yourself to fail, if you go about your job hunt the right way, you’re actually setting yourself up to succeed. Talk to a professional recruiter, who can help you identify your strengths and where you can successfully apply them, from industry sector down to specific roles – and even individual companies who are looking for… well, you.


 Would You Rather Be Comfortable, Or Fulfilled?

If you’ve been in your current role for some time, then you know how it works. You know what the company wants from its employees; you know what to expect of your boss; and you know how and when you get paid. Even if you’re not happy with any or all of these things – and a hundred more – you know what to expect. And that familiarity can be comforting.

Which is exactly why it’s called the comfort zone. Nobody does their best work from inside their comfort zone, as evidenced by research in 1908 by two psychologists that has become known as the Yerkes-Dodson Law. Their data shows that performance increases – up to a point – with interest. If your work is not sufficiently challenging, or stimulating, then you are quite simply not working to your potential.


Fear Of Rejection

Nobody likes being told they’re not good enough, so why put yourself in a position to be hurt if you don’t succeed? Because the alternative is to never find out what you’re truly capable of – and isn’t that the larger failure?

The key to overcoming this fear of rejection is to measure yourself against the industry standard so you can accurately assess your status and potential. Again, a good recruiter can help you to realistically measure your chance of success and crucially, how you can improve it.

If you don’t ask, the answer will always be ‘no’. If you do ask, sometimes, it might just be ‘yes’…


Lack Of Qualifications

This is possibly the easiest objection to overcome. If you’ve identified your ideal job, but lack the paperwork, invest your time and money to achieve it. And it will be an investment – in your future – and as such, you can work out the time or money put in and the projected return on investment.

Whether that’s through on–the-job learning, night school or distance learning, you can do it if you really want to. It may take longer than you’d like, but that will only heighten the sense of achievement when you make it.



Lack Of Experience

This one’s not so easy. It’s the old Catch 22 that you need experience to get the job, but you need the job to get experience. It’s time to think laterally and identify the skills that are key to the role, then work out how you could acquire them in other areas.

You might be able to find a job that requires relevant skills, or you could look at hobbies and volunteer work that demonstrate an interest and a willingness to learn in those areas.



Big Fish, Little Pond?

The transition from apex predator to dither fish is a daunting proposition, but once you’ve reached the top of the food chain in your current environment, where else is there to go? Enter the big pond as a little fish and you’ll have room to grow.


What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

The human brain is very good at tricking its owner into sleepless nights over unfounded fears. This is called catastrophic thinking. Don’t listen to those nagging doubts in the darkest hours of the night; or rather listen, understand and file them. Then apply your rational brain in the cold light of day to identify unfounded fears or potential problems. Fear can’t hurt you and problems only need the right solution.



Today IS The Day

If you’ve ever postponed progressing your career because the time isn’t right, today’s headline news is – it’s never going to be the right time. If you’re waiting to get your ducks in a row or the right celestial alignment, then you’re going to get very good at one skill… waiting.

Not being ready is just an excuse. If you have an ambition to make more of your career, then today is the day to sit down, identify any challenges – and, most importantly, how you can overcome them one by one.


Don’t let today get away; this is your time to act. Take the initiative for the rest of your professional life by talking to us today about how we can help you to make the most of your career potential. Call us on 0117 325 2233 or email us at

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