Don’t delay if you’re planning the next move for your career; we explain why summertime is the best time to look for a new job.

After months of false starts and April showers that have spread into July, summer’s finally arrived in Blighty this month. Temperatures are just a degree or two off Barbados and there are more usable hours of daylight than at any other time in 2016. But if your first thought is about taking a quick camping break in Cornwall, or a getaway to Grimsby then you’re missing a trick. What you should really be doing this weekend is firing off job applications…

 Summer Vibes

Have you noticed how everyone seems happier when the sun’s out, there are endless blue skies and nobody’s weekend plans get rained off? That applies to your hiring manager, too – would you rather make contact with your next employer after their rain-soaked commute in October, or when they’re still buzzing from a sunny Sunday Bar-B-Q?

 Construction Calendar

Every industry has its own calendar. The financial sector may be focused on the last mile for year-end in April, but that’s when construction is just getting into gear. Longer days and drier weather means that any site is more productive, so it only makes sense for management to make the most of the season by appointing new staff to get going while the going’s good. That’s why you should make yourself available to potential employers when they need you most.

Back To School

The marketing industry may drop off over summer while key players sojourn in the Seychelles, but the schools sector is clearly focused on September and its new intake of students. From extending facilities to adding classrooms and building student accommodation, there’s a real world pressure to complete construction in good time for the academic year. Summer for school staff is a chance to take a well-deserved break, but this is when construction steps in to pick up the pace and get a head start for the head teacher. Could you help?

Retail Therapy

Another industry with a clear calendar agenda is retail. In this instance, the sector’s year hits an annual high with the Christmas season, but new retail premises take time to build or refit. You’ll see seasonal decorations going up in shops in November, but the planning starts this summer. You can guarantee that management will be hiring construction professionals right now for any retail giant that wants to open a new out of town outlet in time for silly season.

Construction Recruitment’s Record Quarter? Summer.

All of this explains why Bristol based construction and engineering recruitment consultancy, Kingston Barnes, regularly post record months over the summer period. Employers just can’t find enough qualified and experienced employees just when they most need them. This is the best time of year to secure a better salary and more opportunities; if you book out for your away break, will someone else bag your dream job?

So what are you doing this weekend? Are you still going to hitch up the caravan to hit the road to nowhere, or will you be working on your CV?

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