Your first impression may also be the last impression you leave behind. Most people that you meet will form an immediate idea of who you are and what you’re about within seconds of first meeting you – and that’s never more true than in an interview situation. Read on to find out how you can make the best first impression for an interview that will land your dream job.

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Lay Good Foundations

Preparation is everything. From rehearsing your CV and answers to likely interview questions, to researching the company – and the interviewer – every minute spent on preparation is another per cent gained.

You’ll feel more confident if you’ve taken the time to prepare for your interview and nothing sells like confidence. Rightly or wrongly, many employers value this over qualifications or experience.


Rest Up

Get an early night ahead of a big interview to make sure you feel rested and ready to go. Whatever you do, don’t go on a bender the night before an important interview. There will be plenty of time to celebrate after you’ve got the job!


Present Yourself As A Professional

Think about how the people that are already doing the job you want present themselves. It might not be how you’d choose to go out into the world, but this is a game we’re playing; if a suit and tie are the norm, then make sure you do the same.

Pay attention not only to your clothes, but also to make-up, jewelry and shoes. Every part of your wardrobe must reinforce the image that you are professional, trustworthy and a sure thing.

Recruitment, Bristol, Job, Construction


Don’t Arrive On Time

What? But that’s interview 101! It is, but let’s go one better – be early! Not by such a margin that it makes the recruiter uncomfortable, but turning up a good five minutes early shows that you’re keen – and dependable.

If you have time, give your interview journey a test run ahead of time to iron out any kinks. You’ll look good on the day, plus you’ll feel more relaxed and confident.


Play Nice On The Way In

Your interview doesn’t start when the interviewer invites you to take a seat; it starts the moment you’re on company property. From the security guy to the receptionist, you have no idea how much influence they have over the interviewer, so just be nice to them on the way in, OK?

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Speak Plainly

And we don’t mean in the words you choose to say; this is about your body language. Don’t tie yourself up in knots; smile, don’t cross your arms and make eye contact.

Be positive! No interviewer wants to hear about the hellacious traffic on your way in, nor do they want to hear you badmouth your present employer. That only establishes you as making a career move from a position of weakness. You’re far more likely to be successful if they believe you have chosen to be here in order to progress your career.


Ask Questions

When the interview’s coming to an end, most recruiters will ask if you have any questions. Far from seeming rude, this is your chance to demonstrate that you’ve thought about the role, the company and what you could contribute. Recruiters LOVE it when candidates ask questions that show they’ve really thought about how they might fit into the company and how they could address any shortcomings, so make sure you have at least a couple of questions to fire in.

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Whether you get the job or not, make sure to ask for constructive criticism on your interview. If you were successful, this will only help to cement the reasons you were hired – and if not, this feedback could be instrumental in making sure your next interview is a win.


We’re In Your Corner

Interviews are always stressful, but they don’t have to be lonely. Working with an expert recruitment agency can not only improve your chances of getting the job, but it can also make the whole experience less stressful. Kingston Barnes will help you to ensure that you’re fully prepared for your interview. We’ll go above and beyond to help you make the best impression for your next interview – and make the most out of your career potential today.

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