How important is a degree?

In today’s market does it lead to better opportunities, or is the value of a degree now replaced with experience?

With numbers of students in higher education at an all-time high of £2.862m in 2021/2022 (MESA) is this in today’s society a good use of money and time vs the benefits? Can you get the skills elsewhere and the rewards of a high salary without it?

Kingston Barnes is proud of our equality, inclusion and diversity. We don’t hire based on higher education, it’s always the person first. But we’re not a profession where it’s a requirement like finance, construction, education, health or engineering.

We encourage further development, training and education on the job and our apprenticeship program has been one of our biggest successes over recent years training school leavers hands-on instead of pursuing university.

We recruit across a broad range of sectors and our clients are mixed in terms of which roles require further education and accreditations and it’s been interesting to see the flexibility in recent years of qualification requirements.

What’s your thoughts?

James Kingston – Managing Director