With everything that’s happened over the last 2 years, you may be thinking “is now really the time for a change?” We’ve all been put through the ringer and it’s given us all the opportunity to find out what really matters to us – and where we can reinvent ourselves.  With confidence being restored, markets booming and a record number of companies looking to hire we compiled 6 reasons why 2021 is the best time to take the next step in your career.

1.   More Opportunity

Right now, the market is thriving. There’s more opportunity than ever as the world opens back up, companies have had to regenerate the business they’ve lost while in lockdown. The Office for National Statistics announced job vacancies from April-June 2021 were at a record high of 862,000 – 77,500 above it’s pre-pandemic level in January- March 2020. Society is now in a position to re-open their doors and companies are willing to cater and create roles for candidates, meaning new jobs that potentially weren’t available before.  

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 2.  Candidate Shortage

Sadly, a lot of people were made redundant within the pandemic, which means that there are a lot more qualified and experienced candidates compared to previous years. As a result of this, there was a huge influx of unemployment where roles were swamped with applications.

Now, almost a year on from the worst of it, people have picked up whatever role they could source at the time, and reduced the immediate pool. This means when you apply for a role now, you’re no longer competing to stand out against 300 people, you’re standing out against 3. The success rate of securing a job has increased, putting candidates at the best advantage point they can – and with a great offer to walk into.

 3.  Financial Gain

Due to a smaller pool of candidates in the market, employers are willing to offer a lot more to try and attract people away from their current roles into their business. The ONS reported growth in average total pay (including bonuses) was 7.3% from April to June 2021. Our MD, James Kingston, stated “We are experiencing such rapid growth across the industry that with record levels of companies hiring in a labour market facing a deficit it’s very much a candidate led market. Over the last quarter we have seen candidates taking new opportunities with as much as a 20% increase in overall salary. It’s an ideal time for workers to depart stale jobs and seek new exciting opportunities elsewhere.”

And he’s right – employers are paying more than they ever have due to an increased demand than hands to help. They want to pull the experienced and qualified workers out of their current roles, and entice them with a package that they can’t refuse – and that the current employer can’t match.

 4.  Employers are more flexible

Now more than ever employers are respecting that their teams require flexibility. Recognising remote working as a viable option, allowing flexible work hours, and adapting to the needs of each employee has shown a new level of understanding and respect from those higher up. Most employers are advertising this along with the wage, and this pandemic has highlighted what we in society value and that’s time.

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 5.  The Feel Good Factor

There’s something to be said about doing something new to benefit yourself. Taking a step into the unknown can feel scary, but so rewarding. A new job offers a new opportunity, a new purpose and a new adventure – let alone being successful in a pandemic! Having that feel good feeling and that new sense of self belief can help rejuvenate life and put the pep back in your step. If you know that you can secure work in a pandemic – and work you know you can enjoy and thrive in – you’re able to achieve anything and that’s priceless (although the pay check is always a plus).

6.  Covid is dropping, business is booming

You’ve seen the shops opening, the nightclubs open late and the buildings erupt into the skyline – normality is just around the corner. Cases are dropping and opportunity is rising, and everyone is beginning to lift in spirits too. Change is inevitable, but why not welcome it? Update your CV, build connections and allow recruitment to do the leg work for you. In a year that’s felt so out of our control, we need to focus on what we can control: make the most of these opportunities and let us help you take the next step in your career.

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