Theo Hartry, Assistant Site Manager

I just wanted to thank you again for my new placement. Its been a pleasure dealing with Kingston Barnes from the beginning. My previous experience of recruitment agencies has always seemed time consuming and I’ve been left feeling unsure whether my best interests are being considered, however when dealing with Kingston Barnes there was no wasted time.  The very next day after sending them my CV I was in dialog about various job prospects and this continued until the correct offer was found.  As I was currently working I was glad that I wasn’t pestered everyday with pointless job offers, they only seem to talk to me when a suitable position was available.  The successful position that was offered to me had been carefully and incredibly rigorously found. I was given lots of support before the interview with a great amount of detail about the company’s background and current position within the industry.  The position was perfectly suited to my current ambitions and has offered me a large scope for career progression.  Following my successful placement I was sent a very thoughtful personalised bottle of champagne and letter congratulating me which in my experience is just one more element that separates Kingston Barnes from any recruiter I’ve dealt with.

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