Richard Jeans – Interim Procurement Manager | Edwards Vacuum

I have been an Interim Procurement Manager with Edwards for over 6 years.  The department I work within is a key part of the business.  Non-performance would stop inbound supply of products so when we have any staffing requirements they are urgent and very important we have the right person hired.

Historically I have found it very difficult to recruit for my team.  I have used agencies in the past but my experience has been awful.  I have found a lot of recruiters do not understand the positions or our business and are unable to act fast to my needs when the arise. As a result no suitable candidates being submitted has left important gaps in my team.

I have only been working with Kingston Barnes for the last 6 months, but I must say working with them has been a breath of fresh air!
Kingston Barnes have successfully recruited 3 excellent people in my team all of which are still here.  Every vacancy I have needed to fulfil they understood the role and the type of person I was looking for.  But what has impressed me the most is their speed of finding quality candidates. Within 24-48 hours of my requirements being identified I had a selection of perfectly suited candidates which had been carefully selected, consulted in detail and sent to me. All of which were an exact match to what I was looking for.  This has saved me an awful lot of time and hassle, ensuring my team can succeed.

Kingston Barnes is now my recruiter of choice.  They get my needs, understand the business, communicate well but most importantly deliver.  I would certainly recommend for companies looking for an easy, enjoyable and effective recruitment process.

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