Mission Accomplished! £15,000 Target achieved!

On Thursday 29th August at 1pm we embarked on a 24-hour Relay Challenge. Each team member joined in the 24 relay running around Queen Square for 24 hours without stopping.

The total raised from the Relay Race was a whopping £4,243.69!!! This was not only money raised online, but from a tasty cake sale and generous donations from the public.

Our aim was to raise £15,000, for our chosen charity Above and Beyond, to buy an incubator for the neo-natal unit at St Michael’s Hospital. Providing 24-hour lifesaving continuous care for new born babies.

We can now officially confirm that WE HAVE DONE IT!!! £15,000 RAISED!

The incubator has now been ordered and will hopefully arrive at St Michael’s by January 2020.

St Michael’s Hospital explains how vital having working Incubators are;

“Incubators are a key piece of equipment in the St Michael’s NICU, and we use the incubators heavily, 24hrs per day, 365 days per year, to care for local and regional babies requiring intensive care.  The Unit cares for approximately 730-750 babies per year, and not only provides care to babies born at St Michael’s, but also cares for babies born across the South West and South Wales who require cardiac, and gastrointestinal surgery post-delivery.  The Unit does struggle, at times, to maintain capacity, and works at an average occupancy of 93%.  However, the Unit is able to flex to accommodate a higher acuity – to manage the more complex and intensive care babies – by having sufficient incubators in good working order to bring babies into.

The current incubators that the Unit has are of a range of ages, but the oldest incubators are starting to break and need regular repairs, which takes them out of use for increasingly extended periods of time.  This reduces the Unit’s ability to flex up to take regional babies needing care, or can result in local babies being transferred out to other units to accommodate the regional babies.  To function fully and manage both regional (tertiary) and local babies, the Unit needs enough working and reliable incubators to be able to flex to meet demand, and provision of the 6th cot via A&B funding (Kingston Barnes) in this financial year would help to manage this.  This would improve experience for both babies and parents, regionally”.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in raising the funds and who took part in helping us put our events together, and of course the KB team – without you it would not have been possible!


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