Charles Orr


Senior Consultant – Consulting

1) What made you choose Kingston Barnes as an employer?

I decided to join Kingston Barnes due to their modern, professional, consultative approach to recruitment. I was impressed by their commitment to providing a high level of service, their knowledge of the market and the quality of their marketing strategy. On a personal level, James and Kate were able to specifically identify my strengths as a Consultant and discuss which markets/roles I would thrive in. This combined with the opportunity to progress my career ensured I was making the right choice!

2) Why did you choose a career in recruitment? Where does your passion/drive come from?          

I chose a career in Recruitment as I enjoy the thrill of the sales environment. I have worked in customer-facing positions for my whole career, and take a methodical, diligent, empathetic approach in order to provide a high level of service. In particular, I enjoy the level of ownership that recruitment enables and find it very rewarding to achieve my goals and have a positive impact on my candidate’s careers, and the business needs of my clients. The passion/drive I have comes from a background in musical performance. During school/college I was involved in musical theatre, performed as the lead singer of a band and travelled with a group of singers to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. I feel that there are elements of performance in my day-to-day work, and the buzz this provides drives me to succeed.

3) What interests you about construction?         

I am interested in the technically challenging nature of construction, and the human conquest to ‘better’ the world we live in. I am particularly interested in heavy civil engineering projects; where huge feats of construction are achieved through determination, skill and collective brainpower.

4) What is your favourite construction project?          

My favourite construction project is the Yas Marina Race Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The $1.3bn project has hosted the climax of the Formula 1 season for the last few years and I will never forget watching Lewis Hamilton secure his second world championship in 2014. It is part of the larger Yas Island project which cost $40bn and consists of a man-made island hosting the race track, hotels, golf courses and theme parks. The sheer ambition of the wider project really stands out for me as one of the most impressive feats of my generation.

5) When you are not recruiting what do you do?           

When I am not at work I am often eating out in restaurants with my partner, watching live music, enjoying Formula 1, binge-watching TV shows or playing video games.


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Telephone: 0117 325 2233

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