Peter Cawthorne


Consultant – Engineering

1) What made you choose Kingston Barnes as an employer?

After a short introduction to the recruitment industry in Leeds, I gained a passion for achieving the double sided sale on and off the pitch. Formally working in a very small team, KB appeared to be the correct choice for me. Housing a consistently buzzing atmosphere, a thriving intermediate size team and social events, creating the opportunity for work relationships to become friendships.

2) Why did you choose a career in recruitment? Where does your passion/drive come from?

Possessing a past career in the fast paced hospitality industry, I have always enjoyed interacting with vast amounts of different people on a daily basis. It only felt natural to embark upon a career with recruitment, priding myself on the ability to provide value to clients and candidates alike.

3) What interests you about engineering? Where does your passion/drive come from?

After completion of my Bachelors of Science in Leeds, I have always had a passion for technical production, automotive and precision engineering. When visiting client’s organisations I’m always fascinated to see a raw material or composite be machined into a final product.

4) What is your favourite construction project?

As I am fairly new to Bristol I have yet to see the vast amount of ongoing construction projects blossom into their final form.

5) When you are not recruiting what do you do?

I enjoy going to the gym, riding my road bike, collecting records and occasionally DJ-ing.

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Telephone: 0117 325 2233

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