Chris Hallum


Principal Consultant – Head of M&E Recruitment

1) What made you choose Kingston Barnes as an employer?

Was hearing the Kingston Barnes name more and more in the recruitment industry and it was all good positive vibes with a professional image. This was also demonstrated with the marketing media that I had seen on websites etc.

I wanted to join a more professional organisation and after great meetings with James, he sold me the vision I was looking for, and I have not been let down.

2) Why did you choose a career in recruitment? Where does your passion/drive come from?

Like most Recruitment consultants, I kind of fell into this industry. Followed a friend that had also stumbled into it, but was really enjoying the role and increased his earning potential. So I wanted a piece of the action.

19 years later I’m still here! And still enjoying it.

I enjoy dealing with people, so I think the drive comes from when you do a great job for your clients by finding them suitable candidates, delivering the best service possible which also comes with giving candidates jobs keeping them happy too.

There are not many careers out there where you get out what you put in and that you get rewarded very well for over achieving.

3) What interests you about construction? Where does your passion/drive come from?

My main interest about construction is that you get to know what is being built or developed before most of the general public. Being quite a nosey character it’s interesting to hear what might be built in your area. Especially projects like new arena’s, sporting facilities, leisure complexes or shopping centres that I’m personally interested.

I find the whole process of changing a brown field site into a big development or building fascinating to.

4) What is your favourite construction project?

Probably anything to do with sport. Stadiums, sport facilities.

5) When you are not recruiting what do you do?

Strangely enough playing or watching sport. Football, Golf, Rugby, Tennis and Cycling.

But I’m not 100% sport mad. I do enjoy music, both listening and going to live concerts and gigs.

I also spend a lot of time socialising with friends and family, there is usually a pub in that equation too.

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